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Welcome to Hong Kong Food Market. We are an independent, family-run grocery store located in South-East Calgary on bustling International Avenue (17th SE Avenue). We specialize in common and hard to find products from all over Asia, from exotic locations such as the Philippines, China, Thailand. Malaysia, and Vietnam. We carry over 20,000 products!

We provide everyday low prices on a large selection of our frozen seafood, and dry products. We have endless aisles of sauces, marinades, spices, and noodles.

We have several on-premise food franchises and services, including; our meat market, Joel’s Philippine BBQ, a lottery center, Philippine courier services and Bubble Tea.

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3215 17 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta
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Fruits and Vegetables

Our fresh produce section has a large supply of popular fruits and vegetables, as well as a large stock of common asian grocery store items. You will also find rare items such as fresh Malunggay (Moringa), and Taro leaves. We also have a very large selection of Vietnamese herbs such as Fish mint, Sawtooth Herb and Coriander. We also carry exotic fruits such as fresh Durian, Mangosteen, Baby Bananas, and our ever so popular Mangoes depending on the season.

Frozen Seafood

We have a great collection of frozen seafood located in our frozen seafood aisle. Milkfish, Basa, Tilapia and Shrimp are some examples of the many seafood items that we have. Drop by our seafood section often to see new seafood items stocked regularly.

Canned and Bottled Products

We have aisles of canned and bottled products from around Asia. In our canned and bottled products sections you will find items such as Sriracha, Hoison sauce, and Oyster sauce lining our shelves.

Dry Goods

We have a very large supply of dry goods at Hong Kong Food Market. These include ramen noodles from Korea, rice from Thailand, dry fish and spice products from Vietnam, and numerous dry goods from the Philippines. Come for a visit and see our vast selection.

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